About Us

Established in 1995, The Central Texas Critical Incident Stress Management Team is a 501 c 3 volunteer organization, composed of dedicated retired and active duty law enforcement, fire, EMS, Chaplaincy, and mental health professionals. We serve our first responder community by providing services to both groups and individuals such as debriefing and defusing as well referrals to additional assistance.
We are part of a statewide network of volunteer teams that attend to the needs of first responders, and only the needs of first responders with peer support, and proven CISM techniques.

  • We are affiliated with the International Critical Incident Stress Management Foundation.
  • Our members are trained in specialty areas such as Group and Individual interventions, Suicide Intervention and Post-vention, Line of Duty Deaths, and other special circumstances.
  • We work closely with the Department of State Health Services in their Disaster, Behavioral Health Management program to ensure that first responders are never neglected after any type of disaster.


Angie Noelle is the President (EMS Peer)
Kenny Pailes is the VP (Fire/EMS Peer)
Nancy Hamilton is the Secretary (EMS Peer)
Lynn Lingo is the Treasurer (EMS Peer)
Kay Allensworth is the Clinical Director
and Robyn Wilson is the Team Coordinator (LE Peer and MHP)