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Even though the event is over, you may experience strong emotional and physical reactions. It is very common for people to experience emotional aftershocks after the crisis has passed. Sometimes stress reactions appear immediately following the event and sometimes they may surface hours, days, weeks or months later.

The symptoms of a stress reaction are also unpredictable, depending on the severity of the event. With knowledge about stress reactions, self-care and the support of others, these reactions usually pass quickly. Sometimes, however, the reaction to a traumatic event can be so painful that professional assistance is needed. This is not an indication of mental illness, or weakness. This is simply an indication of the need for additional coping skills, or a better application of the ones you already have.


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Established in 1995, The Central Texas Critical Incident Stress Management Team is a 501 C3 Volunteer Organization, composed of dedicated retired and active duty law enforcement, fire, ES, Chaplaincy, and mental health professionals.


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Stress exacerbates existing illness, injury, and dysfunction. It is essential for first responders to understand the impact stress can have in their lives and learn better coping skills to deal with critical incidents that push emergency service personnel past their current abilities to thrive. We want to help you get back to doing what you love, in the healthiest body and mind possible.